Intel Mission

2 Timothy 2:15

15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.

I am changing things up a bit. In reverence of the verse above, which has been instilled in me through my father and grandfather, I’m taking a different direction in my devotional for a while. Not too long ago, I had a short discussion with someone I know who is an atheist. It involved contradictions in the bible. Quite honestly, I have never been confronted with, “the bible contradicts itself.” As I talked to others about it, I found it is a common argument against the Word of God.

I was presented with a couple websites that contained lists of these so-called contradictions. Simply, they are lists of verses that side by side, say opposite things. I’m am unofficially calling this new study my “intel mission.” To learn what the enemy thinks and how to combat it. I intend to go into this with a multi-pronged analysis:

1) What is the supposed contradiction and why is it believable?

2) What is the truth in these verses and why do they NOT actually contradict each other

3) How can we use this to educate ourselves and others to further the Kingdom?

I do not intend to share these sites as I feel they are dangerous grounds and don’t really feel the necessity to advertise them and their purpose. Also, I realize that it may take longer per devotional to study and compile, so my postings will most likely not be every day as usual. I hope that this path will help us recognize the lies that the enemy has convinced others as truth and in turn, how to combat them within ourselves and in our relationships with others. As a final note, I am going to be utilizing the Amplified Bible, as I feel this is the best English translation to extract the full meaning from the original text.

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