Psalm 104

As I read through this beautiful psalm about God’s greatness as revealed through His creation, I simply wonder at the fact that we get to witness it all!  Here in the northern hemisphere, we are experiencing the transition of the fall to the winter, when everything seems to be dying and the cold creeps in, and the sun seems to last just a little lesser each day.  It’s easy to see why this time of year can be one that inspires depression and sadness.  Yet, if we look closely as the psalmist did, we can see a beautiful symphony at work.

Have you ever had a transition in life that was tumultuous?  Maybe a change in job or moving from one place to another, not because you wanted to but because you had to.  A broken relationship, a missed opportunity, a happenstance occurrence that put you into some sort of tailspin that you struggled to get your feet back under you…this is what the changing of the seasons appears to be on the surface.  Maybe we have just gotten used to it, but every season has some kind of pain or turmoil.  In winter, the animals go into hiding and prepare their stockpile, the dead leaves rustle around outside as the chilling wind shakes the bare branches, and we all hustle and bustle to make plans and take care of things necessary for the upcoming holiday season.  It all seems very stressful and chaotic.  But the truth is, God’s hand guides it all as a conductor in front of an orchestra; the orchestra being creation itself!

It’s clear that the psalmist is expanding upon a few verses from Genesis 1.  I think when we read the creation story, it’s difficult for us to pause and truly appreciate what all went into the creation of the universe and this little rock we reside upon.  This is why I love being outdoors so much, especially in moments when I can just sit and observe.  I see a butterfly on a flower and think, “wow, God invented the color pattern on that butterfly’s wings!”  One of my favorite pastimes is trout fishing and while it is so easy to get caught up in the technique and tactics of fooling one of these little creatures into taking a bite of my lure so I can snag it with my hook, I am amazed at how much smarter than me they seem!

Psalm 104 allows us to pause and reflect on the great beauty of God’s power, intellect, and invention as we take a moment or two to observe something He has done that we get to witness in creation.  What stands out to you?  I invite you to comment on what you observe today in creation that God has shown you that is absolutely fascinating.

Here’s a good song to listen to while contemplating the greatness of God today

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1 thought on “Psalm 104

  1. I’m so blessed to live with trees around our house! I am continually struck with God’s limitless creativity to create such a variety of birds – the tidy little chickadee, the red-bellied woodpecker, the pilieated woodpecker, the spots on the flickers, feathers red, blue, grey, white, brown! Blue jays that come calling for their morning round of peanuts-in-the-shell and how the tufted-titmice even learned how to carry away a whole peanut! Poke a hole in the shell and stick your beak in and voila – you can fly with it! Sunrises, sunsets – who else could paint the entire hoizon so many beautiful colors!! Who else could imagine to make leaves – green in the summer, yellow, red, brown in the autumn! The foods we eat – apples, some must be earmarked for consuming in heaven! Tnank You God for placing us in a world with so many different beautiful lacations, animals, plants, and yes, even people!

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