Psalm 108

Psalm 108 is an interesting composition as it is actually a combination of excerpts from previous psalms.  The first 5 verses are from Psalm 57:7-11 (a cry for help against persecution) and the rest from Psalm 60:5-12 (a lament over losing a battle).  However, when I read 108 without those contexts, I pick up on a completely different tone!  The psalmist took these sad verses and made them into a victory cry.  This is why artists are so important to culture.  They are able to see things from a different perspective and help us experience on a deeper level the world around us.  But this isn’t about artists, it’s about God.

Something that stood out to me in this entire passage is verse 12:

How often do we look for a savior in our everyday life?  Maybe it isn’t someone else, maybe it’s ourselves!  How often do we try to save the day, solve the problem, or get out of a pickle?  When we find ourselves in a taxing situation, do we cry out, “Oh God help me!” or do we say, “ok, how do I fix this?”  Our go-to response is rooted all the way back to the Garden of Eden: I can be like God.

Deliverance by man is in vain

No.  No you can’t.  Neither can I.  Neither can anyone else: president, king, parent, spouse, boss, teacher, leader, best friend, a magic pill, a medical treatment, a relationship, the hottest new product, food, a controlled substance…whomever or whatever it is you are looking to for salvation isn’t going to cut it!  Do we have to do our part?  Absolutely.  Through God we will do valiantly. We must trust God and seek His leading. But, lest we forget:

It is He who shall tread down our adversaries.

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