Psalm 4


Psalm 4

What do we do when it seems like God doesn’t answer our prayers?  How do we see the world around us when we seem to be unjustly accused or pursued?  How do we withstand persecution?  David shows us through this Psalm that it is an opportunity to trust in the Lord and His ways.  To remember His goodness and providence through adversity.  It’s an opportunity to remain faithful and grow in faithfulness.

David calls out to God in distress about those who come against him.  He begs God to hear and see his cry for help amidst adversity.  Then he begins to talk to himself as a reminder.

Fear the Lord
Abstain from sinfulness
Meditate on God’s promises
Be still and do not worry
Do what you know to be right and honor God
Trust in God above all things

This is the prescription for remaining steadfast in the Lord.  Regardless of the craziness that surrounds us, God tells us that if we remain in Him, the storm will pass.  If we do these things, we will see God’s goodness and provision in our lives.  We will see things from a Kingdom perspective and our joy will be made complete.  We will be in peace.  This is what sets Christians apart from the rest of the world (or should, anyway).  That we have peace amidst the storm.

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