Psalm 59

Notice how in Psalm 59 David asks for God’s mercy and lovingkindness for himself but destruction and turmoil for his enemies.  This is a very humanistic viewpoint, is it not?  For in Matthew 5 we read how we should love our enemies and even though they strike us, we should forgive them.  In Matthew 6 Jesus teaches his disciples to pray and finishes by saying if we don’t forgive those who are against us, then we cannot receive God’s forgiveness!  Knowing that he is a merciful God, David even asks God to not be merciful to them!

Aside from this humanistic perspective, we also see David’s faith in God. As we see clearly throughout he Psalms, David is secure in his relationship with the Lord. He doesn’t ask for deliverance just because he is in trouble, but he asks God because he knows he will be delivered.  Would you ask someone for help if you didn’t think they would give it?  Sometimes we might ask for help from someone, hoping they will help “out of the kindness of their heart”.

In God’s love we are secure.  In response we should worship.  His love = joy in our hearts. As the world surrounds us, persecutes us, threatens to devour us, and even worse, where do we place our trust?  Do we believe them or worry about them or do we trust in the Lord. He is our shield, our strength, our sword, our deliverer and our joy.  Be encouraged by this today and remember who the Lord truly is.


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