Psalm 77

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you felt very distant from God? Maybe you fell into a dark place of sin. Maybe you stopped paying attention to God and spending time with Him.  Maybe something tragic happened in your life and you fell into a deep despair where you felt all alone and abandoned.  Psalm 77 reflects this place but also reminds us how we need to remember to respond.

We see in the second half of this psalm how the author turns to remembering God’s goodness from the past, even events recorded in history that this person did not specifically experience.  He made a choice not to focus on his current feelings and instead focus on the continuous reality of God’s goodness, mercy, and love toward His people.  It is so easy to doubt God’s love for us!  We fall into the trap of seeing God’s character through the filter of our human experience and literally expectHim to let us down.  How foolish is that?  Just by reading the few examples of God’s goodness we can see the truth.

This of course doesn’t make our current experience of struggle any easier. However, it gives us hope.  Despiteour current struggle we are able to hope in the Lord.  Despitedespair, rejection, exhaustion, disappointment, and failure we can trust God is in control and He loves us.  It’s as easy and as difficult as choosing to trust God.

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