Psalm 81

It’s easy for us to think that God wants to keep us from sin so we aren’t able to “enjoy” life.  We all know that sin feels good in the moment, but it destroys our soul.  It keeps us from God.  It prevents us from living out the life He has created for us to live.  While sin might bring us temporary happiness, only prolonged joy comes from the Lord.  In Psalm 81, we are reminded of the goodness of God in our lives but He will only be a part of it if there is no competition. 

He will not beg for our allegiance.  He’s sovereign God, not some peddling deity asking for a seat at the table. He will not share because He shouldn’t have to.  If we want to go do our own thing, that’s the choice He gives us. We should take heed to remember the things He has done for us. He doesn’tneedus, He wants us to be in a relationship with Him.  The very fact that you are breathing right now and reading this is a sign of God’s love for you. 

How stubborn are you being in your sinfulness?  Have you chosen other gods before Him?  What are you serving more than God Himself?  Rejoice because He saves us!  Be grateful that He takes us back!  Remember His grace, love, and mercy upon us!  Repent and turn from those false gods in your life and remember the life He has purposed for you instead.  The world offers us measly crumbs compared to what He offers us.

If you haven’t already, read psalm 81 with a heart of joy and thanksgiving.  If you have, read it again and praise God for His goodness to us.

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