Psalm 90

Amidst reading about the victories and turmoil of King David, we are thrust upon a psalm written by Moses, of all people.  Psalm 90 was written by the great leader of Israel, whom God chose to not only lead them out of slavery in Egypt but to care for them as they wandered the wilderness for 40 years as a result of their lack of faith in God.  Moses’ story is at the very least a powerful one for anyone who wants to read about leadership.  However, this psalm gives us insight into Moses’ perspective of who God is.

Moses had an appropriate fear of God.  He understood the power and authority of the Lord Almighty (appropriately named).  We would think that because of the miracles performed, his face-to-face conversations, and all he endured, Moses would be more like “buddies” with God.  But it’s because of his own humility and understanding of God’s grace to allow him to be a part of such great things that Moses was able to experience these things.  I mean, think about it: he touched his staff to water and the whole country of Egypt flowed with blood, he raised his staff and the Red Sea parted to give way to dry land, he struck a rock with his staff and it split open to bring forth water.  These are some pretty awesome things!  I’d love to just do the “serpent trick” just to witness it!  Yet Moses knew, although God was using him for mighty works in the world, he was just a sigh in the story God has been writing since the beginning of time.

As we read Psalm 90, let us not just read it as prose or a reflection upon who God is, rather a recognition of His Greatness.  Try to internalize the words of this psalm as if they are yours.  Recognize how minuscule we are compared to God’s awesomeness and let us yearn to be closer to Him.  They say Moses’ face shone because of having experienced closeness with the Living God.  We too should strive for that kind of closeness with the Creator of heaven and earth.  Let us be aware of what He is doing in and around us so that His beauty can be apparent in our lives and others may get to know Him as well.

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