Psalm 93

It is suggested that Psalm 93 was written by one of the Levites of the remnant of Israel that returned to the Holy Land after Babylonian captivity.  This gives us insight into the praise and recognition offered to God in this short song. 

In order to appreciate the significance of the words written here, we should understand that the rising and pounding waters is a figurative language used to describe warring nations and the incessant back and forth of conquer and vanquishing.  What is the psalmist saying here?

Despite the worldly rulers, Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus reigns on high above all!  Whether it is King David, Nebuchadnezzar, President Trump, Hitler, or Tony Blair…Christ rules upon high and the back and forth of mankind doesn’t shake His established throne over all creation!  That’s got to be some good news for somebody today!

Rest in the comfort of knowing that all world leaders will answer to the King someday, as will we, and we don’t have to worry about justice being served because He is the one who rules over all.

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