Questions about the Upcoming Book Release

Some of you might have questions…well I have answers!  Maybe you didn’t have questions but now that I’m bringing them up…you have more.  Feel free to comment/ email about questions you might have about the book.  Also, please share this post with your friends to help me spread the word!  I’m working on a $0 budget so any help I can get will surely be appreciated!

Being a full time international missionary, how do you find time to assemble and publish a book?

Essentially, the raw material already exists.  I am adapting my daily bible study devotional posts into a tangible devotional that people can use in book format.  Once I figured out the ins and outs of self-publishing and eBooks, it was all a matter of utilizing what little free time I had to put it together.  The percentage of profits we make from this book will hopefully help us to offset the amount we are underfunded as missionaries.  This is something we would like to ask you to pray about for us as you consider purchasing this book.

How much will it cost?

NOTHING! Well, at first, anyway.  I plan on having a 72-hour window for free downloads until I put a price tag on it.  I am still working out these details but hope that the pricing will be “competitive”.  I wouldn’t want anyone not to get it simply because they think it costs too much.  Subscribe for email updates on the left so you don’t miss it!

How will it be different from your blog?

Aside from the convenience of having it in a book format as I mentioned in my initial post, it will be different in that I have edited the content to better suit a direct application to the reader’s life instead of just entries that share my personal thoughts about the scriptures I am reading.

Will it be available in print or just digital formats?

The cool thing about eBook publishing these days is that many companies do not require an upfront investment.  Companies make their money based on a percentage of sales.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a company that works that way for print editions.  Since I have zero start-up capital, this book will be limited to just digital versions for now.  My hope, however, is that I will be able to generate enough revenue from sales to invest in possible print editions in the future.  It will be available in: iBookstore, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, as well as in a simple epub file from the publishing site

How will you get cover art?

I’ve always had in mind to give aspiring Christian artists an opportunity to design any book cover art I may need in order to help them get their name and work out there to the world.  This cover is designed by a good friend of mine.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in future work, feel free to send them my way!

How long is it?

This is a 47 lesson devotional study on the Letter to the Romans as found in the bible.  I have many more studies like this that I have done on my own from other books of the bible that I hope to be able to circulate as well!


If you have any other questions, reply to this post and I’ll be happy to respond!

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