Psalm 30

Psalm 30 is a victory psalm of praise and adoration.  David is thanking God for His goodness and providence through difficult circumstances.  We would all be wise to remember this psalm for those days that are difficult and we wonder if God is even around to see how we are suffering.

The word “extol” in verse one comes from the Hebrew ruwm which means to lift up or exalt.  When we extol God, we praise Him an make His name known as great.  It’s not just about saying thank you are singing a song in His honor, it’s about recognizing His greatness and His love for us.  David is of course happy that God answered his prayers and helped him in his times of trouble.  Some of the previous psalms were about trusting God despite the tumultuous circumstances surrounding him.  We see that trusting in God leads to victory.  Let us not limit our thinking, however, to times of war.  Let us recognize that our trust in God leads to victory in every area of our lives.  Victory, in this case, isn’t even about winning but being in a deeper relationship with God the Father regardless of what the world dictates.

David was in a dark place.  He felt as though he was in sheol or “the pit”.  Have you ever felt as though you were in a hole so deep you had no hope of escaping?  Sometimes we dig ourselves that very hole.  When we are in so deep, the only direction we have to look is up.  Once we finally do, we will see God looking down upon us with a smile, because He loves us so, ready to give us the helping hand out if we would only ask for it.

David remembers that when he had “everything he could want” he felt as though nothing could shake him.  But in these moments he was not living in the unshakable kingdom, but his own.  Now he sees the best riches he can possess are only form God’s love.  Do we recognize this during our “rich” moments?  When everything seems to be going our way and we don’t want for anything…do we recognize it is all just worldly smokescreen?  Do we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus or do we just sit back and enjoy our temporary bliss?

A parent doesn’t like to see their child in distress and depression, including our Heavenly Father.  He will leave us there for as long as it takes to learn the lesson He knows we need to learn.  But He still never forsakes us.  He is always there, watching and waiting, until that glorious moment when we realize we need Him and His love endures forever.

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